Brian Wakeman - the BERA Practitioner-Researcher SIG Convenor 2004-2007 set out the following principles that inform this 2016-17 practitioner-researcher e-seminar (please note that this e-seminar is not a BERA e-seminar):


"We invite you to share your ideas about practitioner research on this e-space list.


Our aims:


1. To encourage colleagues


-to ask questions

-to share their current practitioner research

-to discuss issues

-to report findings

-to raise problems about carrying out action research in schools, higher education, and other walks of life

-to join in discussions

-to check out emerging hypotheses



2. To provide a means of sharing new understandings or knowledge


3. To give opportunities for isolated practitioner researchers to talk to interested colleagues.


4. To offer a network of colleagues who may be able to assist new researchers


5. To network with other bodies and interest groups working in practitioner research


In using this conversation JISCMAIL you agree to follow these four simple procedural guidelines:


A. CONTRIBUTE Write mailings in a way that will contribute to your own and other colleagues' understandings.


B. CLARITY Try to write in a way that will be clear and accessible. If you use technical or esoteric phrases, please explain them to include all readers.


C. CONSTRUCTIVE Please aim to be constructive. Make comments that lead to human flourishing rather than to negative or destructive outcomes.


D. CONSIDERATE Please respect other contributors as fellow professionals."



If any participant feels concerned that the guidelines may be being breached then they should first write to express their concerns to Jack Whitehead at" or Je Kan Adler-Collins at jekan@ROSE.OCN.NE.JP






Convened by Jack Whitehead, Visiting Professor at the University of Cumbria



This 2015-16 e-seminar space is focused on the explanations of educational influences of practitioner-researchers in their own learning, in the learning of others and in the learning of the social formations in which we live and work.