Jean McNiff is one of the most influential action researchers in the world today. Her writings bear witness to her sustained commitment to support action research in local, regional, national and global contexts. Jean's passion for writing and communication and her constant inspiration over twenty years have been part of my own enthusiasm and desire to share ideas with others.

For beginner action researchers I always recommend Jean's booklet on Action Research and Professional Development: Concise Advice for Beginning Action Researchers. Jean made this booklet freely available as part of our celebrations of 21 years of working together.

I also recommend Jean's website at

because this contains details of:

1) Jean's books at:

2) Jean's writings at:

3) An invitational conference on critical debates in action research 5th-7th June 2003 at Limerick University at:

4) Action research dissertations Jean has supported through supervision:

5) Jean's papers for her work in Israel: